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What is 'We Adopted A Superhero'?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of super heroes are adopted?  My family adopted a little boy in 2012, and his favorite shirt said,"Superman was adopted." But what if the Kents had had a daughter already?


A lot has been written to help adoptive parents and children with the challenge of adjusting to a new environment. But there is less available to help existing children with their feelings about new adopted siblings. Children already part of the family can also have trouble adjusting to an adoption, especially if their expectations are not properly set. Adopted siblings require more attention at first, more so if they have special needs.  Sometimes this extra attention can create resentment in older siblings, which can also lead to feelings of guilt.

We Adopted A Superhero is a comic strip about a girl who struggles to adjust to the changes which come when her family accidentally adopts a little boy with super powers. This strip is drawn by an adoptive sibling, with input from other experienced adoptive siblings, to help new adoptive siblings communicate their feelings. The first collection of strips is now available for purchase.


Our site also contains resources to help parents prepare their child to expand their family through adoption  and help a child struggling to adapt to a new adopted sibling.  And veteran adoptive siblings can share their own experiences on the Siblings Story page, to encourage others. 

When my brother was little, he had a shi

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