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What’s your name?   Alexandria


Where do you live?     Burgaw, NC


Was your family’s adoption domestic or international?    International


Was your family’s adoption through the foster system or an agency?     Agency


Does your sibling have any special needs?  


Yes, reactive attachment disorder and PTSD as well as disorders that doctors can’t diagnose

How old were you when your family adopted?  How old was your sibling?    I was 6 years old and she was 9 months


What were some good things that your parents did to help you adjust before and after the adoption? 


We prayed for my sister every night and talked very often about what our new lives would look like prior to her arriving. When she got here, my parents actually pulled me out of school and started homeschooling so we could become closer and adjust to the new family dynamic.


What were some things you wish your parents had done differently?


I think they handled this process so incredibly well. Having a child with special needs is something that is difficult to walk through when it’s not something you were prepared for. It takes time away from the other children but at the same time, it’s completely understandable.

What was your initial reaction when you learned you were going to get a new sibling?

I was so excited!! I love being an older sister so much!

What was your initial reaction when you first met your new sibling?

I remember my parents got home really late at night so the morning after they got home was the first time I met my little sister. I remember crawling into my parents bed with my biological sister to cuddle with our new sister. I was so excited about her being home that I took her to class that day for show and tell.

How long did it take for your sibling to adjust to your family?  How long did it take for things to feel “normal” again?


Since she was a baby, I think she adjusted fairly quickly. “Normal” is a funny word...I would say our lives today are still not “normal” compared to the way things were before my new sister arrived, but we’ve adapted and created our new “normal” and that probably took a few years to reach.

Has there ever been a time when you wished your family had not adopted (even briefly)?

I honestly can’t imagine my life without my little sister. Even when times are so tough and she’s screaming or having a breakdown, I still can’t imagine living life without her.

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