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What’s your name?   Chloe


Where do you live?     New Mexico


Was your family’s adoption domestic or international?    Domestic


Was your family’s adoption through the foster system or an agency?     Agency


Does your sibling have any special needs?    She has Down Syndrome.


How old were you when your family adopted?  How old was your sibling?  I was 14.  We adopted her from birth.


What were some good things that your parents did to help you adjust before and after the adoption?

We talked about it as a family, made sure we all knew what was happening, and then we were all involved from then on.

What was your initial reaction when you learned you were going to get a new sibling?

No surprise, my mom had wanted another kid for a while.  I think I was ready for more love to give.


What was your initial reaction when you first met your new sibling?

Happiness.  She was so beautiful.


How long did it take for your sibling to adjust to your family?  How long did it take for things to feel “normal” again?

Well, she was in the hospital for a while, and things took a while to calm down, but once we knew she was healthy, it was normal.

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