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Logo Contest Results

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

The logo contest has been a great success!

I have received many entries from people of all ages. Two of my entries came from Europe! It is so great to see all of the time and effort everyone put into their logos. Thank you everyone for participating.

It is incredible how one concept can yield so many unique designs. Each individual had different ideas and approaches to creating a spectacular logo for the comic strip. I myself have participated in many different art competitions, and just the thrill of participating in something larger than myself makes my time and effort always worth it.

Therefore, without further ado, the winner of the logo competition is:

Darragh Fitzgerald

Congratulations! When the comic strip is complete, I will send you your prize.

Once again, thank you everyone who participated in this competition. I am really grateful for everyone's support, and I hope that you will enjoy my comic when it debuts on March 2nd.

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