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What’s your name?   Ayden

Where do you live?     Charlotte, NC


Was your family’s adoption domestic or international?    International


Was your family’s adoption through the foster system or an agency?     Agency


Does your sibling have any special needs?    No


How old were you when your family adopted?  How old was your sibling?  I was 8.


What were some good things that your parents did to help you adjust before and after the adoption?

Took me on the trip to Africa to meet him.

What was your initial reaction when you learned you were going to get a new sibling?   Joy.


What was your initial reaction when you first met your new sibling?  


Excitement.  When we were in Africa we played in the sand and made little goals out of sticks to play soccer with.

How long did it take for your sibling to adjust to your family?  How long did it take for things to feel “normal” again?


Not super long, felt normal instantly.

How is your relationship with your sibling today?     

We are close, we talk a good bit and joke around.

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